Wild 3 Ranch

Meat Products Coming Soon

The name was inspired by our three (3) wild kids!  We had a goal to move out to the country to provide our kids a similar childhood to Tylee’s growing up in Star Valley.  The home portion of the ranch is located in Grover, Wyoming with the recent addition of property between Freedom and Alpine to add needed hay production and grazing pasture.  We currently raise Black Angus beef from Skinner’s Seedstock in Hall, Montana.  After a couple of years of owning the meat plant, we decided that it was important to understand our customers better o we decided to purchase a few cows.  Our goal was originally to raise a few steers for the kids to show at 4H and it has grown into selling meat and meat products through the plant once we became USDA inspected.  This year we have bred our cows with a Wagyu bull to try and get more marbling and flavor in the meat why retaining the traits we love from the Angus.  Stay Tuned!

Wild 3 Ranch Products