Circle H Ranch

The Circle H Ranch raises 100% fullblood Wagyu-situated on the Thomas Fork River in Geneva, ID, is dedicated to the holistic management of land and livestock that emphasizes superior beef production, enhanced ecosystem processes, and improved land and water quality. Low-stress cattle handling pairs with holistic management to mimic the action and behavior of the large herds of herbivores that shaped our western landscapes. The result is a herd of cattle that is naturally healthy and content, living on a landscape that is alive and thriving. The holistic model attempts to account for all of the variables that influence the ranch, and also those that the ranch influences. Said differently, we not only consider the cattle, the land, and the water resources, but the greater community dynamics that include soil life, wildlife, and human interactions as well. We also operate under the assumption that all diseases are the result of deficiencies in nutrition or management, and so our animals are raised in the most natural way possible.

Circle H Ranch Products