Game Processing

We pride ourselves on being customer-oriented and for providing quality and reliable service to local and out-of-state hunters in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho. We are hunters like you and want to provide the best service possible and at a value price point.

Your meat is completely cleaned before processing and cut and wrapped to your specifications. Your meat will be kept separate for all cutting orders. What’s yours stays yours! We have a time-proven process for tracking meat through our processing and product-making process to ensure ownership.

Prices are based on hanging weight.

All Wild Game orders require a $50 deposit per animal/order.

In a hurry? We can do your order in seven days or less for an additional Rush Handling Fee of  – $75.00 

After Hours Drop-Off or Pick-up: Available for a $30 fee. Please call or even better text;

Blaine 918-399-0945 or;

Jaden Clark 307-226-0976 or;

Tylee at 307-220-2930

Wild Game Processing (Double Wrap)

Hanging Weight $1.35 / lb
All Boneless $1.55 / lb
Already Skinned $1.45 / lb
Boxing Fee Add $0.35 / lb

Other Fees

After Hour Drop-off$30.00
Extra Cleaning Fee$50.00
Vacuum Pack FeeAdd $0.30

Bone Out – In Box
(Prices do not include cleaning animal or boxes)

Deer/Antelope $50.00

(We Keep the Hide)


Shipping UPS (5% Handling Fee)

Dry IceMarket Price
Foam Cooler$13.50
Outer Box$6.50

Boneless Meat

Grind Only $1.00 / lb
Grind and Wrap$1.55 / lb
Beef SuetMarket Price
Pork SuetMarket Price

Smoke House Products 

Processed and vacuum packaged at our plant! (Prices for Wild Game and Domestic)

Jerky (Charged by green weight) 

“Snack Sticks” 2 lb min. (40lb for your own batch)
Ground and Shaped $4.05/lb
Flavors: Regular, Jalapeno, Teriyaki, and Colorado Blend 
Smokey Sticks $4.25/lb 

“Old West” 1 lb min. (always your own meat)
Whole Muscle Jerky $4.85/lb
Flavors: Original, Sweet & Hot, Worcestershire, and Teriyaki 

Cooked Sausages 1 lb min. (40lb for your own batch)

Summer Sausage $4.25/lb
Our mildest with distinct flavor of mustard seed
Salami $4.25/lb
Seasoned with garlic and pepper 
Pepper Salami $4.25/lb
Jalapeno salami for those who like it hot
Cheese and Jalapeno $4.85/lb
Bits of cheddar and jalapeno make this summer sausage our most popular flavor!

Fresh Sausages (Prices for Wild Game and Domestic) 15 lb min.

Breakfast Sausage $2.85/lb
Mild, Medium, or Spicy 
Sweet Italian $2.85/lb
Chorizo $2.85/lb
Maple $2.85/lb