Jacknife Ranch is family owned and operated! We have been raising cattle in this pristine valley for six generations. When you buy from Jacknife Ranch, that money supports our community. These dollars stay within our valley and regenerate, creating a better economy for everyone.

We focus on raising cattle that stay strong and healthy in this unique environment. Our cows are never given any hormones, steroids, or unnecessary antibiotics. Our pastures and hay are not treated with any harmful pesticides. Each summer, from early June through October, our herd is moved to the open range of the Caribou National Forest where they graze the mountainsides and forests and drink fresh water from natural springs and rivers. When they return to the ranch in the fall, they graze open pastures until winter, when they are fed hay that was grown and harvested locally.

Thank you for Supporting Jacknife Ranch, The Robinson Family and Star Valley!