Salt River Farm

Location: Fairview WY

CONTACT: Kyle Veigel 307-886-5700

Info: Typically ready during February to March months, so if you want to get on the list call as soon as you can they sell fast!  They are all natural and very well taken care of.


Robinson Family Farm and Ranch 


CONTACT: Marion Robinson 307-880-7337, robinsonfamilyfarmandranch@gmail.com, website: rffr.weebly.com

INFO: We raise Natural Grass based Pork, no antibiotics, hormones and fed a high green diet of our local pasture of alfalfa and barley.  We focus primarily on a healthier diet for the hog resulting in a healthier option for the consumer.  We aim for a 200-250 lb carcass which would bring you about 150 lbs of meat.  These can be purchased in shares.

robinson pigs