The Block Rind-On Bacon!

Ever wonder what pork rinds are?  Pork rind is the culinary term for the skin of a pig.  Today most bacon has the rind removed before smoking.  A few butchers will leave the rind on pork bellies when they are smoking the bellies to make bacon, then remove the rind prior to slicing.

Even fewer (we know of only a handful across the Country) will actually leave the rind on the bacon.   We decided to give it a try!  Bacon and Pork Rinds – what could be better!

For those that like a little extra crunch with their bacon, try The Block Rind-On Bacon!

There are two (2) methods to cooking it.  First, and easiest, is to just pop it in the pan and fry like regular bacon.  This will make the rind curl and cook, making some parts crispy and crunchy while other parts are soft and chewy.  Or you can cut 3-4 notches into the rind (just through the rind, not the meat or fat), which will help the bacon to cook evenly and become crisp all over.

We are making four (4) sides of Rind-On Bacon next week and plan to sell as individual 1-lb packages for $7.99.

Try it!  Let us know what you think.

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