Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is one of our favorite Holidays to celebrate.  Now that we have kids it’s more about staying home and having a few friends and family over to the house or going to their house for games and camaraderie.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great steak though!  So pull some of those top steaks out of the freezer from The Block (one of the benefits of purchasing a ¼, ½, or whole beef for is you have what you need when the stores are closed) and get to work.  Remember you can slice Prime Rib into RibEye steaks if you would rather have a grilled steak.  Here is recipe to help you through.

Restaurant Style RibEye Steak with blue cheese and herbed compound butter

Normally I am a Traeger guy, but my recommendation is to cook your steaks on a regular BBQ style grill, or on the stove and oven if you want to sear your steaks like a restaurant does.

Prep Time: 30 minute


  • 4 Ribeye Steaks;
  • Salt and pepper to taste on each steak;
  • Two tablespoons of organic olive oil for pan; and
  • One 8 oz container of shitake mushrooms (chopped small).


Take four (4) Ribeyes and bring to room temperature. Season with salt and pepper on both sides, and place in an extremely hot cast iron skillet. Keep the pan on a medium high heat. The high heat sears the steaks and makes a crust that adds incredible flavor and keeps the juices in. The technique of searing steaks and finishing in a high temp oven is the process high-end restaurants cook steaks.

Let steaks cook three (3) minutes on both sides and slide pan in a 400-degree oven to finish cooking the steaks. 10 minutes for medium rare, but check temp with a meat thermometer. Medium rare is 130. Let cook longer, if wanting a more done steak.

Pull out steaks and rest for 10 minutes on a platter, covered with foil.

Quickly add to your pan the shitake mushrooms and a bit of salt and pepper and let the mushrooms soak up all the flavor that the steak left. The mushrooms will cook from the residual heat coming off the pan. You want them to stay meaty and plump. Keep in a pan until ready to serve.

Place each steak on individual plates and top the steaks with a bit of mushroom and a piece of the blue cheese butter. The butter will start to melt on the steaks, and the taste is amazing!

Blue Cheese and Fresh Herbed Compound Butter


  • One stick softened unsalted butter;
  • ¼ cup blue cheese; and
  • One teaspoon each of fresh parsley, thyme, sage and fresh garlic (chopped very fine).


Let one stick of unsalted butter soften. Place in Kitchen Aid type mixing bowl and insert the paddle attachment to mixer. Put ¼ of a cup of good blue cheese, and the fresh parsley, thyme, sage, and fresh garlic.  Mix on medium speed until all is mixed well. Scrape out butter onto a medium piece of parchment paper. Shape into a log and roll up. Place in fridge for two hours. Unroll and slice in pieces for the steaks. Keep in fridge until ready to serve.

Roasted Garlic Herbed Mashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese


  • Five (5) pounds of small russet potatoes or Yukon gold potatoes washed, leave skins on;
  • One (1) teaspoon each of fresh parsley, sage, thyme chopped very fine;
  • One (1) head roasted garlic (in a piece of foil drizzle your garlic head with a bit of olive oil and fold shut. Bake at 350 for one hour, let cool. Roasting the garlic makes it sweet and rich tasting;
  • Three (3) tablespoons of soft butter;
  • ¼ cup of organic milk;
  • One (1), three (3) ounce package of goat cheese softened; and
  • One (1) teaspoon of salt and pepper.


Boil your potatoes in large pot until tender, about 45 minutes. Drain in a colander and put potatoes in your Kitchen Aid mixing bowl. Add all other ingredients and mix on medium-high with your paddle attachment connected. You may have to add more milk if potatoes are too thick. Whip until smooth.

Lemony thyme roasted asparagus


  • One (1) pound asparagus washed and ends snapped off;
  • One (1) lemon zested and half a lemon juiced;
  • One (1) teaspoon of fresh thyme chopped fine;
  • Two (2) tablespoonsolive oil; and
  • ½ teaspoon of salt and pepper.


Wash your asparagus and snap the ends off. Place on a cookie sheet and drizzle with the olive oil, sprinkle the lemon zest, fresh thyme, salt and pepper and toss with your hands.

Bake at 400-degree oven for 10 minutes. Pull out and squeeze half a lemon over finished product. You want your asparagus to be a bit crunchy and hold its shape.

Gluten-free cranberry & apple hazelnut dressing

This recipe calls for gluten-free bread, but of course, you can use regular bread. The dressing is colorful and a bit tart with the cranberries and apples.


  • 4 cups gluten-free bread cut in cubes;
  • Three tablespoons of olive oil;
  • One green apple cored and cut into chunks;
  • ½cup fresh cranberries;
  • ½ red onion chopped;
  • Two celery ribs chopped;
  • Three shitake mushrooms sliced;
  • One teaspoon each of fresh parsley, thyme, sage chopped very fine;
  • 1/3 cup chopped hazelnuts;
  • One egg beaten;
  • ½ cup organic chicken broth;
  • Three tablespoons of organic butter; and
  • ½ teaspoon of salt and pepper.


In a large frying pan with three tablespoons of hot olive oil toast your breadcrumbs on medium-low heat, until browned and crisp.  Pour in a large bowl, wipe out your pan and add your butter, let melt and get hot. Add your veggies, herbs, salt, pepper, fruit, nuts and sauté for 10 minutes.In the bowl with the bread, pour in your sautéed mixture, add your egg and chicken broth and stir.

Place in a medium sized baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

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