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One of the best things about getting your own beef or hog is that you can get it cut however you like.  If you want 2-inch thick pork chops – you got it!  You want 40 Ham steaks – you got it!  If you want the sweet cheeks – you got it!  Rib steaks wrapped individually – you got it!  Throw in some sausage and jerky – you got it!  You want extra lean burger – you got it!

You get the picture!

We work with local ranchers and farmers to help them find buyers for their livestock and then custom process the livestock per the customer’s wants and desires.

A few of the growers we work with still have quality spring beef and hogs available at butcher weight.

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Please contact us at any of the provided contacts below, we look forward to hearing from you!

Email: starvalleymeatblock@gmail.com

Phone: 307-883-2397

Address: 50 Westwood Ln, Thayne, WY 83127



It’s Hog Season!

Butcher Hogs weigh 265-275 lbs. (preferred butchering weight – not to fat, but yummy bacons!)

Hogs have the highest meat to hoof weight ratio of all animals that we butcher.  That means you get more product per $ spent.  A hog that is butchered at the right weight will yield up to 70%.


$230 to purchase hog directly from rancher to get it delivered to The Block for processing.

+/- $150 to process without ham or bacons cured.

+/- $200 to process with hams and bacons custom cured and smoked.

We also have several excellent beef options for your consideration:

  • Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, or Grain Finished.
  • Whole, Half, or Quarter.

Please call or e-mail for the latest beef prices.  Prices vary significantly depending on what you are looking for in our beef.

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