Custom Cowboy Mug

The Block Customized Rimmed Cowboy Mug-24oz

(Coming Soon)

Our Rimmed Cowboy mugs are 24oz. enameled steel, speckled, vintage, western, steel rim, campfire mugs.  They are the traditional speckled enameled steel camp cup with stainless steel rims. The cowboy mugs are the old fashioned tin/metal camp cups you remember.  Additionally, this great camping mug with comes in two bright speckled enamel colors.  This mug will also be ideal for outfitters, outdoor events, and other camping related uses.

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The Block Customized Rimmed Cowboy Mug-24 oz. Enameled Steel, speckled, vintage, western

  • 24 oz.
  • Enameled Steel
  • Speckled, vintage, western
  • Stainless Steel Rim