Memorial Day to July 4th Veterans Sale

One of the values we hold near and dear at The Block is a strong sense of national pride.  We feel it’s still the American Dream to try and run your own business in a free market.  Well, we are giving it a go. 

To honor those that have sacrificed to give us this opportunity we are running a special for all Veterans from Memorial Day through the 4th of July!

During this time Active Duty and Veterans will be given 10% off any items in our retail store and an additional 1% off for each year of service on purchases up to $100 in the retail store (in store purchases only).

Our goal in this venture has been to provide a good lifestyle for our kids, let them grow up in small-town America and teach them our values, work hard together, and give back to the community.

Thank you for supporting us!

Grant & Tylee

memorial day2.png

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