March Madness Sale

Thank God for college basketball in March to get us through the transition to spring-time!  Often better than the games are the story-lines that develop.  Hats off to the Ramblers from Loyal~Chicago for making it to the Final 4!  How can you not cheer for Sister Jean?

In the spirit of the season, this week The Block is offering four (4) high quality quarter beefs. (Grass-fed, grain finished.)  Orders need to be placed this week before the Final Four games start.  Just ask for Tylee when you call.

¼ High Quality Beef:

Purchase Price: $350

Standard Processing: $150

Total = $500

Also, we will take 25% off any Jerky or Summer Sausage ordered!

Let the Dancing begin.

Sister Jean Profile:

Please contact us at any of the provided contacts below, we look forward to hearing from you!


Phone: 307-883-2397

Address: 50 Westwood Ln, Thayne, WY 83127

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