Freezer Filler Sale!


The Freezer Filler Sale!  Put those tax returns and stimulus checks to work for your family!  Besides, who wants to go to the store these days if they don’t have too…..

1/4 Beef & 1/2 Hog = $875

1/4 Beef = (75-90 lbs. of meat) and 1/2 Hog = (65-75 lbs. of meat)



All 1/4 beef will have equal portions of steaks, roasts, burger, etc. from half of the carcass.  The beef will be harvested at optimum weight, aged appropriately for individual fat content, and custom processed and packaged.  We double-wrap to ensure storage longevity and no damage to meat during transport and storage.

Hard to beat this value for a top quality, locally grown and processed beef and butcher hog!

Please call us at 307-883-2397 or send us a PM or note at to reserve the Freezer Filler today.


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  1. I’m in Rock Springs. If I order this do I have to come to Thayne to pick it up?

    • You bet, what is a good contact number for you Charles?

    • You would get a proximately 130#s of beef and 70#s of pork. Cut anyway you would like. 🙂

  2. Do you have a way to keep it frozen for the way home? ie.dry ice

    • Yes we do, how far would you need to travel?

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