Finished Beef & Hogs

Freezer Filler Sale!

There’s no shortage of demand for beef and hogs.  Prices are up.  Grocery stores are limiting how much each customer can buy.  Last week more than 1,000 Wendy’s restaurants ran out of hamburgers……..There’s also no shortage of cattle earmarked to be turned into beef, just a shortage of processing facilities operating right now.

Take advantage of the situation and purchase beef and hogs direct and have them processed locally.

Freezer Filler Sale:

1/4 Beef & 1/2 Hog = $875

1/4 Beef = (75-90 lbs. of meat) and 1/2 Hog = (65-75 lbs. of meat)

All 1/4 beef will have equal portions of steaks, roasts, burger, etc. from half of the carcass.  The beef will be harvested at optimum weight, aged appropriately for individual fat content, and custom processed and packaged.  We double-wrap to ensure storage longevity and no damage to meat during transport and storage.

Hard to beat this value for a top quality, locally grown, finished, and processed beef and butcher hog!

Please call us at 307-883-2397 or send us a PM or note at to reserve the Freezer Filler today.


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  1. How much for just 1/4 beef if you are willing to do that?

    • HI Maghan did you get my email? Thanks!

    • Hi Christina I will email you some information, Thank you!

  2. How far will you ship? When could we receive it?

    • We can ship all over the U.s. but shipping can be expensive. We do orders of beef and hogs and we work them in as we can usually run them thru every two weeks. The sooner you call to get on the list the sooner you can get your meat. We will be taking orders all the way into July then we no longer can take orders as we have fair animals and game season upon us.

  3. You have a price list on beef?

    • Please call the plant and we can discuss, 307-883-2397. Thanks!

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