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Each month we will give a bag of our jerky or a package of bacon to the winner of our photo contest.  Post your best family, ranching, hunting, fishing, paddling, skiing, rodeo, sledding, grillin, hiking, shed hunting, pet loving, patriotic, country and small-town living photos.

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Ranch To Freezer

One of the best things about getting your own beef or hog is that you can get it cut however you like.  If you want 2-inch thick pork chops – you got it!  You want 40 Ham steaks – you got it!  If you want the sweet cheeks – you got it!  Rib steaks wrapped individually – you got it!  Throw in some sausage and jerky – you got it!  You want extra lean burger – you got it!

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Celebrate Like an Irishman!

How to Make Homemade Cornbeef

 St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner.  March 17th!   Having spent a great five (5) years of my life in Butte, America I can’t help but have look forward to celebrating with the Irish, and the Finn’s the night before for St. Uhro’s Day.  OOOOOHHHHHH

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The Block – 2018 Retail Store Pricing

We are pleased to expand our retail offerings for 2018.  Products include grass fed – pasture raised bison and high quality beef jerky, summer sausage, steaks, roasts, burger, and breakfast sausage.  Our custom made pork bratwursts (Praire Dogs!) and bacon are top sellers.  Please see the updated 2018 pricing below.

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Bison – The Healthy Red Meat

Next time you’re looking for a low-fat meat to have for dinner, try a bison stir-fry, bison cooked in the slow cooker, pasta sauce with ground bison or a bison meatloaf. This nutritious meat is lower in fat than beef and lower in cholesterol than chicken, making it a healthy alternative to these more commonly consumed meats.

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