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The Block Rind-On Bacon!

Ever wonder what pork rinds are?  Pork rind is the culinary term for the skin of a pig.  Today most bacon has the rind removed before smoking.  A few butchers will leave the rind on pork bellies when they are smoking the bellies to make bacon, then remove the rind prior to slicing.

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The Block Brats!  We have been asked several times within the last few weeks how to cook our brats, so we decided layout a few options for you.  The best part is that it is hard to go wrong with good brats!  We described a few methods below, but your imagination shouldn’t be limited.

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March Madness Sale

Thank God for college basketball in March to get us through the transition to spring-time!  Often better than the games are the story-lines that develop.  Hats off to the Ramblers from Loyal~Chicago for making it to the Final 4!  How can you not cheer for Sister Jean?

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Spring Thaw Sale

We all have a freezer (or 2) in the garage or basement that still has meat from the last few years of hunting seasons or some beef roasts that just don’t ever seem to get cooked.

We have a solution!

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