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Winter and Spring Beef Sale!

Winter & Spring Beef Sale!

All steers are locally raised by quality, trusted ranchers that we have successfully worked with for the last several years. Both Grass Fed and Grain Finished steers are available. We help coordinate your beef purchase directly with the local rancher with no added fees or sales tax.  The steers will be delivered to the meat plant by the rancher when they are ready for processing.

We will help you decide on what type of beef you want to purchase, the cuts you prefer, and how long you want your beef aged for before cutting.

What better Christmas present for family members, friends, or employees! Let us help coordinate your packaging.

Place your order today: Please note, payment and specific cut orders will be taken over the phone. Please contact us at any of the provided contacts below, we look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 307-883-2397

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Shop: 50 Westwood Lane, Thayne, WY 83127

WHOLE STEER: Average cost is $2,500 and will yield about 375 pounds of meat.

HALF STEER: Average cost is $1,250 and will yield about 185 pounds of meat.

QUARTER STEER: Average cost is $625 and will yield about 90 pounds of meat.

Cost Summary:




Annual Spring Thaw Sale!

Now through May 15th, we are offering a 25% discount on all processed products made from your previously frozen wild game or beef/pork.  We will slowly defrost your meat in our cooler and make summer sausage, jerky, snack sticks, burger, breakfast sausage, or salami with your defrosted meat.

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Protect Bristol Bay

My wife Tylee and I recently went on an Alaskan Adventure that led us to Dillingham and into the Alaskan Wilderness.  Our friends, Ralph and Camille Green, had recently purchased Jake Nushagak’s Salmon Camp ( and we wanted to visit them and try our hand at catching King’s and tossing big flies to Salmon. Little did we know that our trip would teach us so much and change our perspective on life.

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Father’s Day Butcher Box

Father’s Day is synonymous with Grilling.  Grilling is synonymous with custom processed meats from The Block.  Make your Old Man happy and get him a present he won’t soon forget.

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Memorial Day to July 4th Veterans Sale

One of the values we hold near and dear at The Block is a strong sense of national pride.  We feel it’s still the American Dream to try and run your own business in a free market.  Well, we are giving it a go.  Read More