Killpecker Creek Cattle Company


CONTACT: Sonja Rife at 307-360-3360 or

INFO: We raise Galloways and Belted Galloways, they are a heritage breed. We feed certified grass, no hormone, no antibiotics and are pasture centered. We raise them to about 27 months for optimal weight.  We do all the work for you we will get the animal to the butcher, then pick up and deliver. Our halves have been generating around 185-200 lbs of meat, the pricing is as follows.

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CONTACT: Marion Robinson 307-880-7337 or website is

INFO: Natural grass fed and finished Beef, No antibiotics, hormones and no grain.  We raise our beef on green feed (pasture of alfalfa and other green hay mixes.)  We raise them to 24-30 months allowing them to finish well on a healthier diet, resulting in a healthier option for both the animal and consumer.  We shoot for a carcass weight of 600-750 lbs which would result in around 150 lbs of meat.  These can be purchased in shares.

Star Valley Blonde Ranch

Location: Smoot, WY

Contact: Chuck and Angela Hardesty 307-884-6133

INFO: We raise Blonde D’Aquitaine beef they are grass fed, no hormones and a higher yield than your typical beef of 65% versus 50%.  They are finished with locally grown all natural barley and hay.  We raise them to 24 months and their weight is usually around 1300-1400 lb. carcass weight which would yield an estimated amount of 800-850 lbs . of meat.  This breed of beef is very lean yet well marbled, you have to taste the difference!



Jacknife Ranch

Location: Freedom, WY
Contact: Johnny Robinson 307-880-4010

Angus Cross Cattle
Average weights:
Live: 1100lbs
Hanging: 560lbs
Yield: 480 lbs, cut and wrapped

Our cattle are fed mixed grass hay, graze the open range all summer in the Caribou National Forest eating native grasses. Finished for 60-90 days on a natural grain mix. Also custom finishing available. No hormones or antibiotics.

Jacknife Ranch