Hams and Smoked Turkeys for the Holidays!

Hams and Smoked Turkeys for the Holidays!

Sure, there is plenty of good ham available.  Indeed, merely adequate ham is available almost everywhere. But where is the great ham, the ham that instantly starts your mouth watering, that is not too salty or too dry, that turns any holiday table into an instant classic?

Whether, it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter; let The Block set your meal apart with a custom processed and smoked ham or a moist smoked turkey.  Your meal won’t be forgotten, trust us!

We are starting an interest list to see how many good folks would be interested in a holiday ham or smoked turkey.  The greater # of folks that are interested helps us purchase quality hogs and birds at a lower rate.

Ping us at starvalleymeatblock@gmail.com or Call Us! (307)-883-2397 if you want to be on The List!

Either the Ham or the Smoked Turkeys make excellent business gifts to employees or customers.  Spread the Love!

We will be able to provide several cut options for the hams including steaks, roasts, and ham hocks if desired.  With ham comes Bacon!   Mmmmm Bacon.   Our prized bacon will be sold through the retail store starting next Spring.

Shipping Options Available!

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